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Welcome to BBP!

Our mission is to assist children and youth in Brookings, SD, who may not have enough food to eat at home by providing them with easy-to-prepare weekend meals and snacks throughout the year.

By helping to sustain these children, we seek not only to help meet their nutritional needs but also to promote their physical, cognitive and social development, and to enhance their overall sense of well-being.

Yes, even here....

In a small city like Brookings, hunger isn't always in plain sight. The suffering of the hungry child, like that of the hungry parent or elder, is all too often hidden and silent, seemingly removed from "the rest of us." So we can understand when some Brookings residents express surprise that a project like BBP is necessary.

But just ask the Harvest Table. Just ask the Brookings Food Pantry and Feeding Brookings. Volunteers with these and other area organizations, as well as the teachers and staff in our schools, are fully aware that many of our neighbors are struggling. They are not "others" living among those of us who have plenty, or who at least have enough. They are not just with us. They are us. The hungry child is our child–part of the extended family we call community.

BBP offers our community's hungry children sustenance. We serve it up with tender care and genuine respect. We feed our children hope, one child at a time.

Won't you join us?

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